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Our Airplanes

The Texan/SNJ was one of the most important aircraft ever designed.

It is the most widely used trainer in the world. During WWII in the United States Army Air Forces every pilot - whether single engine or multi-engine - won his “wings” from training in this North American aircraft. It is not an easy airplane to master. It is best known as “ the Pilot Maker”.

Manufacturer: North American Aviation

Top speed: 226mph

Cruise speed: 145 mph

Range: 700 miles

Weight: 5,300 lbs

Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-1340 ( 9 cylinder 1340 CI) 600 HP

15,000+ manufactured, 5-600 remain worldwide.

The Team Name

The “Jersey Jerks” are named in memory and honor of Major General Donald J. Strait. He was a Jersey boy who went to England to fly and fight in 1943. He wanted to name his fighter after his home state, so he requested "Jersey Bounce", but that name was already taken. His maintenance crew named his aircraft “Jersey Jerk”, which upset him until they explained why. Anybody who would get in a single engine aircraft to fly it across the North Sea in the winter and then chance getting shot down from flak or Luftwaffe fighters has got to be a “Jerk”! Don agreed and agreed to have his wings named “Jersey Jerk”. Don flew in the 361st fighter squadron, 356th Fighter Group. He went on to become the commanding officer. First flying a P47D Thunderbolt, he achieved 3 victories. After the group converted to P-51D Mustangs, he achieved another 10.5 victories or a total of 13.5 victories throughout his 122 combat missions. He was inducted in the NJ Aviation Hall of Fame in 1989. A lifelong NJ resident, he went west in 2015 at the age of 97.

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